Toni Kuokkanen

Working to change the world

Why would you want to change the current way of working?

Old habits are hard to kill, and sometimes they are not that bad. But in modern world, doing this little different can be hugely beneficial and much more easier. Just a little bravery is needed

Devops, Serverless, CI/CD, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning

Words on the left are just buzzwords that are being used now to justify huge consultancy bills. But what truly is remarkable at this age is the freedom that modern tools can offer. No longer the big players are controlling the web or who gets to have footprint there.

What is not being emphasized enough is the need for change in both the ways of doing the work and the tools.

Who can handle all this at once?

Sometimes totally changing the ways of working and tools might feel overwhelming. This is where you would need someone to help. Get you organized on how to change.

I am here to help you

I have a strong technical background and a wide array of practical knowledge on how this change affects the modern day companies. I can guide you on this journey!


Adapting to change, Learning fast, Listening to people, Combining technical skills with human interaction, Solving complex problems with simple solutions. I could list here all the hottest tools and methodologies but i think the skills i listed are far more important than knowledge on some specific topic.

Get in touch

I am currently working at Solita as a Senior Consultant. Guiding companies on how to benefit from the cloud offering and how to do things more agile. If you have interesting projects ahead do not hesitate to contact me.